2023-2024 MA Economics Class Profile

Our eleventh cohort of students started their coursework in July 2023. The 2023-2024 class is 25% domestic students and 75% international students. Other interesting facts about this year’s class :

  • Gender: Male (62%), Female (38%)
  • Age: 21-23 years old (58%), 24-29 years old (30%), 30+ years old (11%)
  • Countries represented: China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, USA, Uzbekistan
  • Undergraduate majors: Economics, Business/Finance, Math/Statistics, Engineering, Philosophy, Physics, Film
  • While many students joined directly from an undergraduate institution, roughly half joined with years of work experience in central banks, government ministries of finance and trade, consulting firms, and research institutes.
  • Median Quantitative GRE score: 166 (out of 170)