Can I apply without an undergraduate degree in Economics?
Yes. Applicants are expected to have strong quantitative skills and some exposure to undergraduate economics courses. Students with degrees in a wide variety of fields (Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, etc.) can succeed in the MA program.

Can you tell me whether I’m likely to be admitted before I apply?
No. We can only evaluate complete applications. Please do not email us your GPA and GRE scores and ask if you’re likely to be admitted.

If I have been denied admission to the PhD program, can I apply to the MA program?
Yes. You will not be required to pay another application fee, but you will need to submit another application through GIAC.


Does the MA degree require a thesis or special report?
No. The degree only requires completion of 30 credit hours of approved MA coursework.

Can MA students take other courses at UT-Austin?
No. This specially designed master’s program only allows students to take courses in the MA curriculum.

Will the MA program prepare me for PhD study?
Yes. The program is designed to be a pathway to PhD study for those students wishing to continue their graduate studies. Moreover, you will have grades in six MA courses prior to most PhD application deadlines (for the following year).

Can MA students transfer directly into the PhD program at UT-Austin?
No. An MA student must submit a separate application for admission to the PhD program. Outstanding students will be encouraged to do so.

Tuition and financial aid

Are MA students eligible for financial aid?
No. Students are not eligible for University financial aid but may be eligible for student loans. Click the “Tuition” link for additional information.

Can I receive a TA or RA position with admission?
No. Assistantship (TA or RA) positions are not available for MA students.