Student and Alumni Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our students and alumni have to say about our program.

I really appreciate all the knowledge and experience I gained in the MA program at UT. I’ve recently begun an exciting career as a Business Intelligence Analyst and I owe much of that to the guidance of program faculty and staff. As an internationally-based alumna, I can’t help but miss Austin and the memorable moments I had there.

— Yuzhu “Lydia” Liu, Class of 2023

The program delivered everything it promised. It taught me the mathematical, technical, and other skills I lacked, helped me achieve my professional and academic ambitions, and supported me throughout in any number of ways. The program staff and the course instructors were always to help with our needs, guiding us through both academic and extracurricular exercises. Additionally, studying with classmates from all walks of life and a diversity of academic backgrounds was really mind-opening and motivating. Whether you just need to learn a few things to give you the final push you need to reach your goals, or whether you’re lost and need guidance to find your way, this program will definitely help you! Props to all who help make it happen!

— Victor Besse, Class of 2022

The MA program has provided me with a real sense of direction and focus, both academically and professionally, and I cannot thank y’all enough for that. The rigorous coursework helped me realize how much I value interaction with my peers, teamwork, and cooperative problem solving as a core part of my workflow. It’s really helped me both recognize my need for that type of work environment and refine my skills to profitably engage with others. I truly cannot express to you how much value I’ve derived from my peers and the faculty in this program.

— Amal Kadri, Class of 2022

This program has opened up so many opportunities. I’m really grateful to be a part of it!

— Rashad Dixon, Class of 2022

I am immensely thankful to MA program faculty and staff, who walked me through a new academic field with great understanding and hand-holding. This program helped me achieve my long-cherished dream of learning Economics- and I must say this was one of the best learning experiences though the learning curve was steep. It is holding me in great benefit at Harvard where the skills I acquired at UT Austin keep me in constant advantage in all the courses I am taking in my doctoral program.”

— Mrinalini Darswal, Class of 2020

I was admitted to another top-ranked Economics master’s program as well, but their program just didn’t offer the personal attention, sense of community, exploration opportunities (research seminars, etc.), and warm climate that UT’s M.A. Economics program offers.

— Isaac Hulsey, Class of 2020

The MA Economics program, simply put, meets the highest standards of excellence. The structure of coursework is both challenging and diverse: covering economic, mathematical, and statistical skills useful for a PhD or jobs in the private sector. What sets this program apart is its amazing network of professors and staff who are deeply invested in the success of their students, whether they choose a career in academia or in business. UT’s MA program gave me the tools, skills, and above all the flexibility to help explore my interests in Economics. I would not have succeeded in my current job without the program’s emphasis of applied research, and the warm community that drives students to succeed.

— Carl McClain, Class of 2019

The MA Economics program not only gave me the skills to succeed in a PhD program, but challenged me in ways that are now paying unquantifiable dividends. Moreover, the faculty continually demonstrated a genuine vested interest in my success not only as a student, but also on the PhD applicant market.

— John Roberts, Class of 2018

The program allowed me to expand on both my theoretical knowledge about economics, statistics, mathematics, and also helped me become adept at applied research tools like Stata, R etc. The program helped me push my boundaries and strive to do my very best in every course. I’m now a well rounded professional and I give all thanks to the supportive faculty.

— Aishwarya Agarwal, Class of 2018

Taking graduate level courses in the MA program at UT solidified my desire to pursue a PhD in economics. The program is a great opportunity for students to get a taste of what economics is like at the graduate level, strengthen and improve their math and/or economics background, and work with professors involved in interesting research. The program is fast-paced and challenging – earning an MA in one year is no easy task – but it is well worth the effort. Completing the MA program really strengthened my credentials and allowed me to land a research specialist job at a top university; I am now a Senior Research Specialist with Princeton’s Industrial Relations research group.

In addition to the technical skills I learned in the classes, which I use every day at my current job, I was also able to develop my own research ideas with help from advisors in the program. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to strengthen their application to PhD programs, and anyone wanting to gain exposure to academic economics research.

— Kevin DeLuca, Class of 2015

The MA program at UT gave me the technical background I need to perform well in my current position at a research organization, The Institute for Defense Analyses. The program emphasizes an analytical foundation, which lends itself to solving complex problems not only within economics, but also within data analytics and statistics. Additionally, having access to UT’s wide network continues to be an invaluable asset to my career.

— Allie Saizan, Class of 2015

The MA Economics program was a wonderful opportunity to prepare myself for UCLA’s Phd in Marketing program. The program duration was nearly perfect and the reputation of the Economics Department at UT was very high. For me, the MA Economics program represents great value. You’re taught by the some of best faculty members, who also guide you and support you in your chosen endeavor.

The program offers ideal preparatory work for PhD in a host of subjects. The flexibility in choosing electives exposes you to a wide range of subjects & ideas to hone your research interests. But that’s not all, by providing a platform to interact with Finance, Marketing, Decision Sciences and Law school faculty, the department provided an opportunity to explore my interests.

— Kaylan Rallabandi, Class of 2015

For someone coming from a non-economics background, the MA program gives you a good exposure to all major areas of economics, which is great to figure out your probable areas of interest for a PhD program.  The small cohort size facilitates frequent interactions with the faculty which is a definite plus.

— Swapnil Motghare, Class of 2014

I would recommend the MA program for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of higher level economics, which is rich in mathematical theory and a logical approach to problem solving. UT-Austin’s MA program has helped me decide whether or not to pursue a Ph.D. in economics while developing a critical way of thinking that I can contribute to any future job or doctoral program

— Courtney Waldron, Class of 2014

The MA Program at UT Austin has helped to hone my analytic skills and make me more competitive as an entrant into the job market.  The relatively low 10-month time commitment is a big draw and is especially useful for those on the fence about pursuing a PhD or entering the job force. The program offers flexibility in choosing the electives that line up with my goals.

— Daniel Ernst, Class of 2014

I chose to do a Master’s to enhance my prospects in PhD admissions and to get a leg up in handling PhD coursework. I enrolled at UT because of the technically rigorous coursework and because of the department’s clear commitment to developing a strong program. The quality of teaching and mentoring here is great.

— Rustin Partow, Class of 2014

The MA program at Texas can benefit individuals in a range of situations. The professors and administrators work for the cause of students seeking admission to PhD programs, and a master’s degree from this department works equally well in the job market.

— Eli Lipsky, Class of 2014