10-Year Anniversary Celebration

In July 2013, the Department of Economics at UT-Austin welcomed its first cohort of 36 students to the MA program. Since then we have graduated over 470 alumni – a group that now boasts Directors, Senior Managers, Policy Fellows, Senior Analysts, Data Scientists, Lead Data Engineers, PhD Economists, and professors.

To celebrate this milestone, we gathered at good ol’ BRB for a 10-Year Anniversary Alumni Conference and Reunion Tailgate on September 29-30, 2023.

10-Year Anniversary Alumni Conference

Friday, September 29 consisted of a half-day conference featuring an official homecoming “Welcome” by Program Director Dr. Stephanie Houghton, Policy and Private Sector alumni panel discussions, and research presentations by alumni Drs. Alan Lujan and Marissa Lepper.

10-Year Anniversary Reunion Tailgate

On Saturday, September 30, MA program alumni, students, faculty, and staff gathered outside of the department for a TexMex tailgate reunion on UT football game day. 

Special thanks to our 10-Year Anniversary Alumni Conference and Tailgate planning committee members for their role in planning a successful homecoming reunion event: Ryan Mills – MA ’14, Carl McClain – MA ’18, Larisa Barreto – MA ’19, Simran Mehrotra – MA ’20, Akhil Jonnalagadda – MA ’20, and Karlo Vlahek – MA ’22

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